The Story of a Hummingbird

This amazing project could not have come at a more perfect time! Recently I was called to write a book in 60 days! I went  into prayer as usual and came out starting to write a book. The book is called I Am Strong, Bold, Beautifual and Free. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Trust me when I tell you the process was far from easy.  Those 5 areas were a major lifes struggle for me. Some one might say well there are only fur areas (Strong, Bold, Beautiful and Free), we the I Am was enough in its self. I am going to give you some snidbits from each of the chapters in my book just to give you and understanding of the cost of the call….. Bare with me in the process of your reading. Just know today I stand completely FREE and I know exactly who I AM...

Mended, yet broken.

I am Michaelia Daubon -Confident, Unique, Talented, Elegant (C.U.T.E.) and Anointed :)Daughter of the Most High!

I am a pastor’s wife, mother, ordained minister, creator, entrepreneur, writer and speaker.