I've Climbed Out

I am Monique Deann Price-Taylor, a fearless Woman of God, wife, daughter, sister, motivational speaker, youth advocate, mentor,  educational ambassador and aspiring author. I am innovative and I am a TRAILBLAZER.

Being able to climb out of anything requires you to do some introspective reflection. It made me think about what it truly means to climb out of anything. As a climber I was remind that I am a survivor.

By the age of 22 my mother, father and sister had passed away. Each from their own individual diagnosis, but there was one common denominator. That common factor was they all had HIV. During that time period it was a disease that was viewed as a scarlet letter. I can remember being told the story of how my father was informed of his illness, and how he had my sister and I tested and the doctors informed him that his oldest daughter was fine, but the baby girl would be very sick.

Years after losing them I questioned why I was the only one who was impacted by this disease that destroyed my family, but I was in denial and ashamed to share the true elements that changed my life. I was AFRAID. I was consumed by the thoughts of what people would say about me, or how they would view me, and then one day I had ENOUGH. I was ready to CLIMB.

I was ready to CLIMB out of the mental captivity that I held myself in trying to hold it together.

I was ready to CLIMB out of the dark places to help others heal from the loss of losing loved ones.

I was ready to CLIMB out of fear and doubt so my purpose for life could be revealed.

In order to CLIMB I had to accept that my story was apart of my process. Although it was uncomfortable God made it where I began to heal through helping others.

Now that you're out what do you do? You keep moving…learn to leave your own trail, if there isn't one create it.

In helping others God always reveals His purpose, and as a CLIMBER sometimes you have to be surround around people who can help push you towards your purpose. It’s a honor to mentor young people to become their best self so their purpose for life can fulfilled.

I am Monique Price-Taylor and I am a Trailblazer who has CLIMBED OUT!