Just Wait.

Just wait, are the words he fed me as I listened to the sweet sound that filled the atmosphere. The bridge of the medley—"come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, right now today just come—pushed my spirit to excuse myself out of that pew and walk down the aisle. It seemed the more inclined I was with the spirit, the words, just wait—grew stronger. Just wait began to increase its efforts to get me to remain standing in song with the congregation of members and visitors, believers and nonbelievers—because just wait, now came with excuses. He said to me, "Wait until your next visit—just wait on him—you shouldn’t be doing this without him anyway." Tears began to fill my eyes in that moment and I lifted my head back and stretched my arms toward the one who said, "Your time is now." I leaned over towards my aunt who’d been visiting Shiloh Baptist for several Sundays to encourage her to take the walk with me but she declined that day. I sighed deeply and began to utter the words, "excuse me, pardon me" paired with the gentle side scooch until I reached the middle aisle of the sanctuary. I allowed that oh so sweet sound of "right now today just come" to hold my hand and the obedience to the spirit of God to minister to my heart—it felt like an invitation to enter into a new season. I stood in front of a body—but not just any body, the body of Christ , God’s children, servants of Christ who didn’t seem to stare or search me, but smile with me, continue in song with me, and lean in towards me. Pastor Maurice Porter, ministers, elders of the church, surrounded the front of myself and others who committed to the call to be reborn—made new with the belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ—that he died for our sins, our transgressions—my heart smiled, because for the first time in a long time I felt like my wait was coming to an end. Pastor began to acknowledge taking the walk not seeming easy at first, but this walk being worth more than any walk we’ve taken thus far. I sighed a breath of relief and received every word the man of God recited to me—to us. I walked back into the corridors with hospitality and thought to myself, "I will wait no more. I will not debate you or convince you any longer—my life with Christ will no longer be entangled or conditioned upon man’s logic or question—I will no longer leave my saved soul in the hands feelings, which are fleeting or my human thoughts, which must be reframed—I will no longer fight here because he already told me my acceptance of him declares that I have won."


I will no longer wait—for I am a saved child of God and a humble servant of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.