We live in a world where fear has become a force behind any move we are required to take. Fear has saturated the body of Christ with doubt, shame, and guilt—selling false messages about what we can not be. Fear has stiffened our worship and robbed us of joy.  It has convinced us that peace is no longer among us in this world of chaos. Fear has encouraged the abandonment of a once clear vision, and dream—diminishing our FAITH.  Fear believes it has won. Fear says, “Where is your God now?”


Just Wait.

Just wait, is the sound we hear that gets us to remain complacent in our pursuing after God. Just wait serves as a consistent mumble in our ear--in the ear of new convents in the church and honestly throughout our walk with Christ. It keeps us from unlocking our gifts--it keeps our minds in captivity. Just wait is rooted in the what if's. Just wait is doubt, shame and fear. Just wait is the enemy. Just wait is Satan himself.


Tell your neighbor, "the wait is over."