...where we give words to untold stories. 
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Dear Climber, 
Welcome to a space just for you. Yes, oh woman of great faith--I said just for you. In this space you are free to unload and unravel every thought, and every emotion that you have kept buried.
Here, you will experience stories of written by women who have experienced trials and have come out on the side of victory.You will experience a "yeah girl" connection and an open invitation to grow in the body of Christ. 
 As you browse, read and even begin to testify, I declare healing to your mind and deliverance from every stronghold that keeps you in spiritual bondage. I pray for a clean heart and a renewed perspective on your "right now" situation. I declare a notice of eviction sent on the enemy's plot, plan and attack to keep you stuck. I decree and declare that every persecuting thought be sent to hell. I speak life into your new journey, the journey that God has orchestrated just for you. You will see yourself in your Creator's image. Today, by the stripes of Jesus, you are FREE woman of God. Do you receive it?   
Well...Let's climb.